Days ahead will occur in the Werkspoorkathedraal, formerly known as the “apparatenhal,” built-in 1960. Back in the days, Werkspoorkathedraal used the location to build bridges and trains. Nowadays, it transformed into one of the most beautiful places in Utrecht, within the raw and upcoming “werkspoorkwartier.” Since 2012 the location has been renovated, and in 2017 Architect firm “Monk” won the Rietveldprijs for this outstanding work.

People used to work on new connections by transporting people. The place now will be used by young artists to connect people by transporting fresh ideas: no clean “Whitebox” but an outstanding and inspiring location for new work. With 6000m2, the warehouse is big enough to give every sculpture and work of art the room it deserves. Artists are free to use their room as they like and are encouraged to think big.